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Insights that Revolutionize

We are a boutique consulting house specializing in data-driven projects pertaining to web, mobile and user related insights. We support our clients through the full product lifecycle and commit to producing actionable results.

Your Welfare Is Our Mission

Regardless of size, location, or funding, COVID-19 pandemic has added challenges to all businesses around the world. At LnitSolutions, we are dedicated to helping you overcome these challenges by working together on identifying your next steps

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Infrastructure, Product & R&D Development and Consulting

Plan, Build and Constantly Improve

We have been remoulding and redefining a vast range of businesses for over a decade. Our dedicated team of experts will help you plan, build and constantly improve your framework. We will  learn your operation’s structure from the ground up, and work with you to ensure the most relevant technology is at your disposal to support your current and future needs.

Monetization & Data Analytics

Efficiently Collect & Interpret Data, Ensure Your ROI

Our team will use optimal and top notch analytical capabilities to advance your journey toward  maximum ROI. We define analytical needs and outcomes and ensure that the whole process, from budget to final results, is tailored to your needs and challenges. Our state-of-the-art data analysis tools will help you get ahead of the curve and grow by identifying the most fitting revenue streams for your business. We draw and leverage the information needed to offer you an easy and reliable way to monitor and enhance your performance.

Strategy & Insights

Learn, Adapt & Lead

We master the art of connecting the dots.  We make sure that your goals, performance and capabilities are in line with current market demands, trends and your competition. This allows us to deliver your team a clear and actionable plan from which they can easily draw key insights to offer your customers and users.

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